Saturday, February 20, 2010

Return to Gratefulness

Well, I was feeling like I was just saying the same things over and over and so I stopped writing my attitude of gratitude posts a few weeks ago. But yesterday, God slapped me in the face and reminded me just how important my attitude is. I've had a difficult week at work...nothing all that wrong....just part of the job. There have been lots of interruptions and lots of headaches to deal with...lots of administrative issues and clients asking questions that seem to need immediate attention but that don't impact "tax season." Well, somewhere I got myself derailed in my attitude and have allowed all this junk to get me down and out. One day I really struggled to even go to work. Another time someone was teasing and asked me to name my office and I replied, "The dungeon!" My partner calls his office the "Ivory Tower" because his office is large and a bit removed from the main activity. My office, which I really do love, is just inside the front door and is really the best place for me to do my job, because I am accessible to the main hub of activity. My partner and I have met several times this week about various issues and another day, when I was going to him yet again with problems that needed attention, I sarcastically announced, "I know you are as tired of me as I am of you."

So yesterday--all of a sudden I realized just how negative I've been for these last several days. God whispered.....THAT's not an attitude of gratitude. So this is confession and repentance time. I did go to my partner and told him that I was sorry for having such a negative attitude and I will not refer to my office as a dungeon again. In all honesty, it is more of a haven.

God has been VERY good to me. especially in my career and job. Even with all of the hassles of this week, it is a wonderful place to work and I am very grateful for it.

So now, God, thank you for a wonderful job and for your forgiveness. Help me always display a cheerful, wonderful attitude.

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