Sunday, January 3, 2010


We're not perfect and there will always be disagreements and rough edges to rub off, but I am thankful for family. It's really hard to explain....sometimes you can get so very frustrated by family members and wonder why you keep trying with them. And there certainly are family members that you would not be friends with if you weren't related to them. But deep down there is a connection that runs so deep that you just can't keep from being drawn to them. Love to all who include me as FAMILY!

My furry friends are such a pleasure most of the time. They are entertaining and such fun to watch and play with. So thankful for Panther, Little Bit, and Sam.

As ready as I am for my new house--right now this old house is still my home; and it sure was good to get HOME last night. I love having my bed to sleep in. There's nothing like a day or two away from home to make you appreciate it. I think perhaps HOME is more a state of mind than a location.

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