Friday, January 22, 2010

Today, I'm grateful for the strength and skills of my sons.

Jonathan found himself with some extra time this week and has been a tremendous help these last few days. I'm praying God will bless his efforts and provide him with a wonderful job really soon. But it sure was great to have him available to help.

Stephen has helped when he had time as well. He's been a life saver as well. I expect he may be called on for a few more small jobs in the near future as the dust all settles.

Rusty has been really busy with his job and hasn't had a chance to help yet. He has plans to come Saturday morning to help with some of the electronic connections and whatever else is needed at the time. His sweet wife will come too. I'm counting on her to help me decorate and shop for a few special touch items we'll need as we settle into our new home.

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